We are very proud that even today, all of our light fixtures are assembled by hand using the traditional methods.  The fixtures are made of brass that enhance the value and longevity of our lights. Our authentic and beautiful finishes are meticulously applied on the surface of our lights. 

Before the assembly, all of the light fixture parts undergo extensive preparation before antiquing, burnishing, plating, painting, or lacquering.

We use porcelain light bulb sockets in our fixtures

After the assembly, every fixture is carefully tested once again by hand before we package it and send it to you.

The quality brass parts and meticulous assembly by our skilled craftsmen ensure that your light will provide beauty and pleasure for many years.


Glass shades

Not only the light fixtures are manufactured by hand but our light glass shades are also handmade using traditional techniques. Most are hand blown in cast-iron moulds.

There is a huge variety of glass shades in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Custom made

We are happy to offer you a comprehensive custom made service.

If you are looking for a bespoke glass shade we can help you in designing and producing your glass according to your ideas.

As we have to make a mould we require a minimum quantity for bespoke light shades. The minimum quantity depends on the complexity of the shade but usually starts from 50 pieces.